About Us

Taking Real Estate to New Heights

We believe service is the most important part of our business. We strive to provide the best service and to and listen to our clients so that we can tailor the service to your needs, not to ours. Most property managers are tasked with many different specialty areas and are expected to perform all of them professionally but they are not professionally trained. At AXL Real Estate we have separated the property management tasks to allow the highest standard of quality service possible.

Message from the founder

I have been interested in real estate since I was 12, my father started buying units to rent out and I was eager to assist with anything he needed, I especially remember painting the units each time tenant moved out and we had another tenant to move in. My father would tell me how renting worked, the benefits of owning rental properties and why some people rented. This was when I knew I liked the industry and I wanted to become a property investor.

I started my married life with being a stay-at-home mother and as my children got a little older I started my Real Estate journey attending my sales course in 2000. I started in sales and it soon became apparent the hours do not allow you to have young children as the hours are mostly out of normal business hours, day-care and school hours where the only real time I had. I found as my clientele increased it was getting harder to balance the odd times.

Going back into the industry after owning investment properties added a whole new level to the industry for me. I knew I wanted to focus on property management. I started back in sales in 2013 and when the opportunity arose to transfer to property management, I took it. From 2013 to 2018 I worked for three different companies gaining experience in government housing projects, commercial leasing and standard residential leasing.

I started AXL Real Estate in 2018, I wanted to find a better way for investors and to help them feel secure about their choices. After gathering the experience necessary to run a real estate office, I completed the study required in 2018 and proceeded to implement a better structure for investors. As I am an investor myself, I know how important it is to have all the information you need at your fingertips and to have a clear path to improvements, costs, and portfolio increases. My aim is to reduce your stress, increase your free time and passive income.

Jezelle Jenkins