Our Staff

Taking Real Estate to New Heights

Having professional and personal experience in real estate sales and in property management has been a real asset to AXL real estate. Just to understand what investors want, need and expect by being an investor myself has put all of our clients on the front foot with their investing. I have a passion for real estate. My focus has always been directed toward investors, what the real estate market can bring to an experienced investor, and helping new investors to become experienced.

Growing up in a real estate environment, the industry has been second nature to me. While enjoying property management, making improvements for our generation has been a fantastic experience. Applying technology and social media to AXL real estate has helped the company grow.

Real Estate and business has always been in the foreground of my upbringing. This has sparked a passion to pursue accounts with AXL. Being new to the industry I am able to bring a fresh perspective and new ideas throughout all aspects of the company.