Property Management

Our Service

At AXL we pride ourselves with the level of service we can provide and we believe that service is what you should receive so we have come up with a new way for our property managers to ensure your investment is properly cared for. We ensure your property manager is not overworked, overwhelmed or under qualified. Below is how we achieve this day to day and long term to maintain the quality you have come to expect.

Property Manager

We have your Property Manager who is your contact in the company. They will ensure the rent and accounts are paid by the tenant on time, perform a routine inspection every 3 months, report maintenance to the maintenance team and document all action on your property.

Maintenance Team

Then we have the maintenance team who will assess the reported maintenance issues. They may contact the tenant for further information or attend the property for further information if necessary. They will contact owners where necessary and give the owners who require the opportunity to attend themselves that opportunity. They will also ensure that the correct contractor is contacted to attend, follow up with the contractor to ensure the job has been attended to within a reasonable time for the job, forward all of the information onto the owner for their records and send all information onto the property manager for recording and to keep them up to date with the completion of the maintenance item. Lastly, they will ensure that the contractor is paid within a reasonable time by forwarding the invoice to accounts for payment.

Leasing Team

The third team we have is the leasing team who are responsible for all vacant properties. Reporting any maintenance on the vacant properties, holding home opens and private viewings, ensuring the advertising is correct and updated weekly for each property, ensuring all enquiries are responded to within a reasonable time. More experienced team members attend to bond inspections, follow ups, property condition reports and lease signings.

Accounts Team

The last team is the accounts team, they ensure all accounts are paid on time and by the correct person. When tenant becomes 3 or more business days in arrears with rent or an account, the accounts team will issue the breach and inform the owner. The accounts team will follow up until the rent or account is back in line. The accounts team also attends to the end of the month process, paying owners and ensuring the trust account and trading account are balanced daily.

You may receive correspondence from any one of our teams at different times. When you receive correspondence from anyone other than your property manager, please be assured the correspondence will be forwarded to your property manager for their records as well.